Our recent post introduced you to three independent retailers with thriving businesses in Suburban Square, a flagship Kimco property in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Nestled amongst major international retailers, such as J.Crew, Lululemon, and Apple, as well as franchises like Ruby’s Diner and Robeks, these independent retailers have garnered themselves long-standing customer followings.… Read More

In Bridgehampton, New York, one shop owner is helping shoppers keep summer alive throughout the year by offering upscale, beach-inspired gifts, designs, and décor.

Jess de Kerillis, owner of Salty Home, spent her summers at the Hamptons and at a young age fell in love with the ambiance and energy that so often defined her time there.… Read More

Kimco’s properties have a large and diverse independent retailer presence. These retailers have built their business from the ground up and attract loyal customer bases by excelling in customer service and offering unique products.

In this two-part series on independent retailers, we’ll take a look at Suburban Square in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, one of our flagship properties and a great example of small businesses holding their own in a tenant mix.… Read More

You’ve likely heard the letters EMV by now. Standing for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa — the three companies that pioneered this smart chip credit card system — EMV is a more secure way to use payment terminals that are already in place in much of the world.… Read More

It can sometimes be difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to remain competitive against their big box counterparts, as they don’t have the funds or the staff to devote exclusively to operational problems. Loss prevention is a perfect example. Any cuts into profits are felt more intensely by small businesses, and it can prevent business growth and increases to the bottom line.… Read More