With 2018 in full swing here at Kimco, we are planning for a busy year ahead, while also reflecting back on our successes in 2017. Let’s take a look at 2017’s greatest moments on the blog.

Trends in the retail space were a hot topic not only in the news, but on the Kimco blog.… Read More

Next up in our guest blog series, Melanie Spring, branding speaker, author, and chief inspiration officer of Sisarina. For six years, Sisarina has been helping clients design their websites, logos, and marketing materials, and over the last two years, Melanie has been transitioning Sisarina further into a brand strategy company.… Read More

MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder SuccessfulStartup101.com

MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder of SuccessfulStartup101.com

Entrepreneurs bring approximately 543,000 new business ideas to fruition every month, transforming and evolving the consumer landscape with everything from specialty grocery stores to jewelry shops. But with the average cost of starting a new business burning a $30,000 hole in most owners’ pockets, cutting costs without cutting corners can be a major challenge for both experienced retailers and industry newcomers.… Read More

Whether you’re running a shop, or a shopping center, finding the time to stay up to date on the latest technological advances is often a pipe dream; a nice-to-have, but a hard-to-have as you work to keep normal operations running at maximum potential.… Read More

Today, retail and real estate marketers are faced with managing everything from small advertising buys to big data. Advanced technologies like mobile payment system Apple Pay continue to emerge, complicating integrated marketing approaches, and new social networks sneak up every month, forcing marketers to spread their bandwidth even thinner.… Read More

2015 was a busy year for us here at Kimco, and our blog was no exception. With 2016 in full swing, let’s take one last look at some of our best blog moments from the past year.

We unveiled REITech—a new blog series that aggregates and gives our take on the top tech updates, news, and reviews for our readers.… Read More

On our blog, we aim to feature new technologies and tools that retailers can adapt for their own operations to help increase foot traffic and improve profitability. Next up, we spoke with Tom Klein, CEO of Digital Scientists, to get the background on Rately.… Read More

Next up in our series of posts introducing tools to help small businesses, we are featuring Shakr — an innovative start-up based in Seoul and San Francisco that creates video templates for small businesses to use for their advertisements or informational videos, eliminating the high costs associated with hiring a videographer and editor.… Read More