MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder

MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder of

Entrepreneurs bring approximately 543,000 new business ideas to fruition every month, transforming and evolving the consumer landscape with everything from specialty grocery stores to jewelry shops. But with the average cost of starting a new business burning a $30,000 hole in most owners’ pockets, cutting costs without cutting corners can be a major challenge for both experienced retailers and industry newcomers.… Read More

Many investors are squarely focused on the “Big Six” markets — the New York metro area; the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore corridor; Boston; San Francisco; Chicago; and Los Angeles. But we also see a great deal of opportunity and value in many other strong markets around the country, in addition to the Big Six.… Read More

Kimco founder Milton Cooper bet his company during the dark days for real estate in 1991. He brought it public, marking the first REIT IPO in a long time. Today, 20 years later, the Kimco community is celebrating that watershed moment for the company and the REIT industry.… Read More