On Thursday, April 27, the nationally recognized Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, our SoDo Shopping Center in Orlando, Florida had some special visitors. We were joined by four children, ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old.… Read More

Kimco associates came together this holiday season to donate over 150 toys to one of our favorite organizations, Toys for Tots, which is an official activity of the U.S. Marine Corps. Our offices were filled with toys for children of all ages — baby toys, remote control cars for older kids, tons of games for families, Barbies galore, hula hoops, tea sets … It was quite a collection!… Read More

Most people think of women joining the Marines as a recent development. So you might be surprised to learn that women have been moving into Marine Corps ranks since 1918, beginning with Opha Mae Johnson.

I’m proud of those brave women, and proud to be a part of that great honor.… Read More

Community relations is a very important part of Kimco Realty and its culture. Many of our team members have led and joined efforts to help the Long Island community (where we’re based), as well as the communities we serve around the country.… Read More

Losing weight is always a challenge. Changing your eating habits is never easy. That said, it can be easier when you have coworkers to lean on for support and motivation. That’s been the case for 29 Kimco employees, including me. We’ve lost a total of 305 pounds through a special employee health and wellness program with Weight Watchers.… Read More

After I lost half of my body weight 13 years ago, fitness became a huge part of my daily routine; no different than brushing my teeth or showering. So I was excited to see that a number of associates at our Vista, Calif., office expressed an interest in participating in an exercise program to improve their health after feeling dissatisfied with their annual health fair screening results.… Read More

FAMILY FINISH: My family joined me at the California International Marathon in 2010

FAMILY FINISH: My family joined me at the California International Marathon in 2010

Many of us at Kimco are involved in charitable organizations that hold a special place in our hearts. For me, giving back to other parents is a big part of my life — not only because I am a dad to five children (three sons and two daughters), but also because one of those children is no longer with us today.… Read More