After I lost half of my body weight 13 years ago, fitness became a huge part of my daily routine; no different than brushing my teeth or showering. So I was excited to see that a number of associates at our Vista, Calif., office expressed an interest in participating in an exercise program to improve their health after feeling dissatisfied with their annual health fair screening results.… Read More

The health club, gym, and fitness club market is stronger than ever, to the tune of over 52 million members driving $26 billion in revenue. To give that some perspective, movie ticket sales hit only $10.8 billion last year, a record for its industry.… Read More

A runner for more than a decade, more out of convenience than a love of the sport, I had covered many hundreds of miles of pavement and motorized rubber on my treadmill like the world’s biggest hamster on a wheel. One Saturday this past winter I decided that I wanted a change from the monotony, and I had a destination in mind.… Read More