Purchasing sports equipment can be expensive, and for people playing multiple sports, or children wanting to try new activities, costs can rack up very quickly. This is where Play It Again Sports, the largest sporting goods resale franchise in North America, steps in.… Read More

The Long Island retail market has grown significantly over the past few years, and is one of Kimco’s strongest markets. I talked in depth about this recently as a panelist for ICSC’s “Long Island Retail from All Sides” program. The event provided a snapshot into Long Island’s current and future retail market from the perspectives of several industry professionals.… Read More

GAME ON: Long Island scores its first Sport Clips, marked by the Selden location’s grand opening celebration

GAME ON: Long Island scores its first Sport Clips, marked by the Selden location’s grand opening celebration

The lure of franchising for many business owners is that they can start their own business without having to create everything from scratch. Franchisors have already done much of the leg work — not to mention reduced or eliminated many of the risks that come with entrepreneurship — by establishing the business model, building strong brand name recognition, and handling most of the marketing and advertising.… Read More

For business owners who have done their due diligence, franchises are a hot market. As 2014 progresses, the outlook for franchise growth remains strong, and employment and output forecasts are surpassing early estimations. So, as we gear up for the year’s biggest event in franchising, the International Franchise Expo (IFE), we’re taking a look at some of the drivers of market growth that we think will be creating buzz at the expo next week.… Read More

Franchising appears to be getting a refresh, based on the conversations I had at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) 2012. Some 10,000 attendees gathered to meet about 300 exhibitors at the convention – a notably higher attendance and participation than has been seen in recent years.… Read More

The only consistent thing in retail real estate is change. Unlike other real estate sectors, the vibrant world of retail changes dramatically as new concepts pop up, existing concepts reinvent themselves, and outdated concepts fade away. And while change can sometimes be disruptive, we think it creates a great opportunity.… Read More

Earlier this year we announced Kimco’s FastTrack Franchise program. If you missed the announcement, the program is a new initiative that connects entrepreneurs and franchisees with pre-approved vacancies at our shopping centers where franchisors want to be located.

Our objective is to help franchisees easily find the right space to open their business, while helping franchisors find operators to run locations in markets they want to be in.… Read More

We’ve just started rolling out a new initiative for entrepreneurs, franchisees, and franchisors: Kimco’s FastTrack Franchise program. FastTrack Franchise is a program we created to streamline the franchisor/franchisee process in our shopping centers. There are now new tools on our website that let you pick a franchise and find pre-approved sites within the Kimco portfolio to open your business.… Read More