Virtual reality isn’t just the newest feature for mobile devices. It’s also starting to make a splash for shoppers. We’ve mentioned the importance of experiential retail in the past, and virtual reality is the next futuristic element that’s allowing shoppers to further immerse themselves.… Read More

Gone are the days of simply walking into a store, trying on an outfit or testing out a new product, and then determining whether or not to make a purchase. New in-store retail technologies can now help shoppers make that decision by combining the perks of online shopping with a traditional brick-and-mortar experience.… Read More

Getting customers through the door is half the battle. So what are businesses doing to attract customers to their shops? A recent trend shows retail chains hosting events to entice customers and boost sales. These in-store events vary by store and brand but they all have the same goal in mind–get the consumer in the store and keep them there.… Read More