At Kimco, corporate responsibility is a key priority. Since launching our program in 2011, we have unveiled a Corporate Responsibility website detailing our program initiatives to external stakeholders, implemented efficiency improvements throughout portions of our portfolio, developed sustainability resources to help retailers reduce their energy usage and costs, and executed a host of other innovative CR initiatives, including bringing that news and information to you via our blog.… Read More

Hopefully you have been following our new blog and might have read some of my recent posts about Kimco’s sustainability initiatives, including our rooftop solar panel installations and high-intensity fluorescent lighting retrofits. In these instances, we made strategic investments in improved technology that will reduce and offset the cost and environmental impact of energy consumption at individual properties.… Read More

One of the biggest challenges for retail real estate owners is measuring the sustainability performance of existing properties. Although some standards and tools exist that address portions of the shopping center environment (e.g. EnergyStar for Retail tenants), as an industry we lack a holistic tool designed to meet our unique needs.… Read More

Suburban Square, Kimco's open-air lifestyle center in Ardmore, Pa.

Suburban Square, Kimco's open-air lifestyle center in Ardmore, Pa.

Just a few years ago, sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives were the focus of smaller niche companies. Today, organizations of all sizes and in all industries are exploring new (or in some cases re-thinking old) approaches to how they do business.… Read More

As with most retail landlords, one of the biggest sources of energy consumption in our portfolio is exterior lighting at our shopping centers. That’s why we have prioritized our efforts to improve our properties’ lighting efficiency as part of Kimco’s overall sustainability program.… Read More