HERO OF MANY: Colonel Robert Miller Penn, in his service days

Like many Americans who honor, give thanks, and show recognition to those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces on Veterans Day and year round, I want to express gratitude to my dad, Colonel Robert Miller Penn.… Read More

For the past three years the Department of Energy (DOE) has hosted an annual event called the Better Buildings Summit. The Summit is a gathering place for organizations focused on advancing energy efficiency within the built environment, and includes Department of Energy staff, representatives from Better Buildings Alliance partners, leading thinkers from our National Laboratories, and service providers to the industry.… Read More

Many owners and managers of commercial real estate, including Kimco, believe that sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives are one way to drive long-term growth and value creation within the industry. But many questions and challenges remain about the strategies, policies, and resources required to enact change.… Read More