Coffee means big business, with about 87 percent of Americans drinking some form of coffee on an everyday basis. The average coffee drinker enjoys 2.1 cups per day, equating to nearly 400 million cups consumed in the U.S. daily.

Players of all sizes have their hands in the $30 billion pot, however, Zagat’s 2015 Coffee Survey revealed that while 26 percent of people grab a cup o’ joe from large national chains like Starbucks, 22 percent get their fix from smaller brands or independent coffee houses.… Read More

While our Westlake Shopping Center, located in Daly City, California, is no stranger to events, our recent festival might be the most inventive yet. We frequently host shopper and seasonal events at the center, and this year we decided to come up with a new event that will tie in the city’s culture with a fun activity for families.… Read More

Sixty-eight million Americans were expected to dress in costume this year for Halloween according to the National Retail Federation – and boy, they did not disappoint! From spooky to silly and everything in between this year brought out flocks of disguised customers ready to celebrate and fill their candy sacks.… Read More

157 million Americans are expected to celebrate Halloween this year. For some, that might mean trick-or-treating, while for others, carving a pumpkin, or going to a costume party might be their favorite Halloween pastime. The National Retail Federation revealed that 27.5 percent of consumers will take their children trick-or-treating.… Read More

May 2015 was the wettest single month in the history of Texas. The city of Webster, in particular, received five inches of rain in 12 hours, and the constant downpour created a “perfect storm” of conditions that led to a partial roof collapse at our Center at Baybrook.… Read More

On September 20, Kimco’s Plaza Centro Mall in Caguas, Puerto Rico celebrated its Sixth Annual Chess Tournament, an event attracting close to 200 players, primarily ages six to 20 years old, and over 400 onlookers. This day-long event is a spin-off from the weekly free chess classes we’ve been offering at the mall for the past six years.… Read More

Today’s population is more educated and conscientious than ever regarding the food that passes our lips. Organic food is on the rise, and even other big-box wholesalers are getting in on the action. Sales of organic foods exceed $39 billion, five percent of total U.S.… Read More