Tom Taddeo

Tom Taddeo

Hi, I’m Tom Taddeo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Kimco. I’ve been with the company since 2003. I am responsible for the overall technology strategy, systems and infrastructure which support Kimco’s global business operations. I also direct the implementation of enterprise initiatives that leverage technology to improve organizational efficiency and productivity. Prior to joining Kimco, I was a Senior Manager at Deloitte in its Real Estate Consulting Practice. I earned a Bachelor of Science and a Business Administration degree from Southern New Hampshire University. When I am not exploring new technologies, I enjoy spending time with my family down at the shore.

Bluetooth-enabled Beacons are becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by marketing firm inMarket, 20 percent of millennial-aged women have used a beacon-enabled app in the past month, and that figure jumps to 38 percent for millennial-aged moms. This number will only continue to grow.… Read More

Gone are the days of simply walking into a store, trying on an outfit or testing out a new product, and then determining whether or not to make a purchase. New in-store retail technologies can now help shoppers make that decision by combining the perks of online shopping with a traditional brick-and-mortar experience.… Read More

At Kimco we are fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with organizations across the country, donating time and resources in support of meaningful causes. Giving back to the communities in which we operate is something that fulfills many of us personally, and is of such value to Kimco that we make it a top priority in our corporate responsibility efforts.… Read More

The saying “there’s an app for that” has never rang truer than in today’s app-overloaded environment. Retailers are faced with thousands of mobile tools promising to provide the next big thing in business and entertainment, but it’s hard to distinguish the apps of value from the flops.… Read More

People everywhere have come to expect personal, high-quality shopping experiences when visiting brick-and-mortar stores in today’s modern world. What began with simple self-checkout stations has blossomed with the availability of burgeoning technology to include things like checking inventory via mobile apps, and smart mirrors in dressing rooms allowing customers to virtually try on different clothes — at the end of the day, it’s all about convenience.… Read More

We’ve been witnessing the disruption that technology has been having on retail, but what was once something that created anxiety is now creating tremendous opportunity, and retailers are now actively embracing these opportunities. Just last quarter, Macy’s invested billions of dollars toward a new effort that, in part, encourages shoppers to use their mobile device to search for and purchase apparel in its stores, while others have turned to virtual reality to create a next generation retail experience.… Read More

Retailers today face strong competition across both physical and online storefronts. As a result, convenience, quality, and personalization have become increasingly critical elements of creating a positive customer experience. But as brick-and-mortar stores work to win customers over in this new era of retailing, they can’t forget the basic dollars and cents of the business.… Read More

There hasn’t been much new construction in the real estate industry, but there has been a lot of building going on with Kimco’s data warehouse. I discussed some of the latest developments recently at the Realcomm 2012 conference, where I sat on the “Empowering the Business — Data Aggregation, Analytics and Visualization” panel.… Read More

It seems that recently Elon Musk has been driving his Tesla full speed ahead, straight toward the energy storage market.

Long hidden in the shadow of its premium electric vehicles, Tesla Motor Inc.’s alternative business unit came into the spotlight during a launch event in late April when CEO Elon Musk introduced a line of home and industrial battery packs.… Read More

Whether you’re running a shop, or a shopping center, finding the time to stay up to date on the latest technological advances is often a pipe dream; a nice-to-have, but a hard-to-have as you work to keep normal operations running at maximum potential.… Read More

Every consumer wants to find quality products at a good value, and delivering on those basics is the foundation of any successful store or shopping center. But it takes a great shopping experience to make customers want to stay on-site longer and return more frequently.… Read More