Paul Puma

Paul Puma

Hi everyone, I’m Paul Puma, Kimco’s President of the Southern Region. I oversee our 189 shopping centers throughout eight southeastern states and Puerto Rico. That includes planning our overall strategy for our portfolio here, which covers leasing, property management, NOI growth, redevelopment, acquisitions, and dispositions. Before joining Kimco in 2005, I was Vice President of Peripheral Development for The Mills Corporation, and Sales/Leasing Director for The Rouse Company. I’ve been in the shopping center sector for about 30 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing from West Chester State University. I enjoy working out and running in my spare time.

The up-and-down ride for Dania Beach’s Hurricane, at one time the largest wooden roller coaster in the Sunshine State, has come to an end. Disassembly of the coaster — which hit speeds north of 60 miles per hour in its prime — began this week to make way for Kimco’s mixed-use center known as Dania Pointe.… Read More

Many real estate professionals associate ancillary income with only malls and lifestyle centers, believing that kiosks and temporary tenants can only thrive in those environments.

However, the strip shopping center environment is also ripe with ancillary income opportunities — including many that are permanent and generate a long-term impact on NOI.… Read More

As Geoff Glazer explained in a previous post about Kimco’s property redevelopment process, we continually analyze our portfolio to identify new ways to add value to our centers and enrich the shopping experience for customers. Through our own analysis and by keeping the lines of communication open with our retailers and the local community, we can make the best use of our real estate — keeping our centers leased by high-quality tenants that meet the community’s needs.… Read More

Call it holiday spirit in July, but in the sunny summer months it’s nice to remember that this is a season for giving, too. The SunCoast Blood Bank, which has five locations throughout Florida, has created some creative new promotions to attract blood donors during the summer doldrums and increase foot traffic to local businesses.… Read More

In 2006, Kimco Realty acquired seven shopping centers in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The commitment and efforts from our people assigned to these assets have shaped this portfolio into a very successful and stable investment.

A driving force behind the success of the Puerto Rico properties is the strong sales performance of many U.S.-based retailers on the island.… Read More

Plaza Centro is one of Kimco’s malls that never seems to turn off. Located in Caguas, Puerto Rico, it’s usually bustling with excitement as customers shop the diverse collection of 100 retailers and enjoy time with friends and family. During the holidays, there’s a festive energy about the mall, an energy shoppers discover when they walk through the front doors.… Read More

A few weeks ago we shared on our blog some of Kimco’s key financial results from the fourth quarter. Most notably, our occupancy rates, rental rates, and same-property NOI grew significantly for the quarter and the year. We also reiterated the importance of continuing to follow our growth strategy that we first discussed during Investor Day 2013.… Read More

The recent grand opening of Anna’s Linens in Kimco’s Plaza Centro mall was one of the best openings in the company’s 25-year history. Lines stretched from the store out to the mall’s main entrance and into the parking lot, with customers eager to shop the new specialty retailer in Caguas, Puerto Rico.… Read More

I’m not going to tell you how irate brick-and-mortar retailers are with Amazon, because you already know — you’re feeling it yourself. You’ve been trying to overcome its unfair sales tax advantage. You’ve been grappling with its ongoing “attack on Main Street businesses,” as Sen.… Read More