David Brubaker

David Brubaker

Hello, I am David Brubaker, Director of Specialty Leasing for Kimco’s Florida and Southeast Regions. Specialty leasing encompasses the widely varied assortment of non-traditional revenue-generating and community-relations oriented activities at a shopping center – and this fast-paced, always-something-different arena of business development suits my free-spirited nature beautifully. As a life-long musician (multi-instrumentalist) and mechanical-engineer-by-education (West Virginia University), I love that my work allows me to flex my creative muscles and indulge my meticulous tendencies at the same time; further, I find it extremely gratifying to facilitate and contribute to the success of others, be they individuals, enterprises or communities, while generating a measurable impact on our assets’ value and elevating the dynamic of our properties. You’ve heard about that 10% who truly enjoy what they do? Guilty. I have been in real estate since 2005, and with Kimco since 2010. Additionally, I love to travel and I’m an avid festival-goer and outdoors enthusiast. See you on the road-less-traveled!

When people think movie shoots, they think celebrities, backlots, and Hollywood. Shopping centers? Not so much. But Kimco’s portfolio has been home to many movie, commercial, student-run, and corporate video shoots though the years, with 12 shoots occurring throughout the country in 2015.… Read More

With approximately 800 shopping centers across the country, we have a big footprint here at Kimco. But our commitment to giving back to the communities where we operate is equally as large. In addition to the many volunteer efforts of our employees, we’re always looking for creative ways to help give back to organizations that are making a difference in the world, like donating prime retail space to organizations who lack the physical space to carry out their generous acts.… Read More

The holiday season is about giving, and that’s exactly the theme of Raleigh-based animal rescue Second Chance Pet Adoptions’ upcoming charity event. The nonprofit is hosting its annual giftwrapping pop-up store from December 18 through Christmas Eve at Crossroads Plaza in Cary, North Carolina.… Read More

In cities and towns throughout the world, neighborhood shopping centers serve as customary places for community members to gather. Whether coworkers are going out for a coffee, families are spending the afternoon shopping, girl friends are heading to a fitness center or a nail salon, or kids are getting a cold frozen yogurt on a hot day, neighborhood shopping centers continue to bring people together throughout the year, no matter how busy their lives might get.… Read More

In 2013, Anthony DeNito, ‎RE/MAX realtor, cycled alone from Miami to Key West — 165 miles in eight hours — and raised over $1,000 for Miami Children’s Hospital, now known as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. One year later, DeNito’s Ride for Kids, a cycling event where cyclists of all levels of experience can participate in a police-escorted ride, was founded and the inaugural event drew more than 100 cyclists and thousands of dollars.… Read More

In neighborhoods all around the country we see communities join together during the holiday season to give back in support of local organizations and charitable causes. With 814 shopping centers nationwide, Kimco plays its own part each holiday season – and all year long – to give back to our neighbors through fundraisers, donations, events, and other creative partnerships.… Read More