Charlotte Manley

Charlotte Manley

Hello everyone, I am Charlotte Manley, and I am a Director of Real Estate in the Florida Region for Kimco Realty Corporation. My career with Kimco began in 2008, and I am currently responsible for a leasing portfolio of 15 shopping centers and approximately 2 million square feet of GLA. Prior to my current position, I was the Director of Leasing for Falcon Development, where I handled the leasing for 19 shopping centers in Florida and three in Colorado. I am actively involved in my local community, where I serve as the Chair for Urban Land Institute Central Florida Young Leaders and the Downtown South Main Street Economic Restructuring Committee. I am also immediate past Chair of the International Council of Shopping Centers' Central Florida Next Generation committee. I am passionate about cities and the role of sociology in real estate development. I am always on the go and never leave home without a book.

On June 12 of last year, tragedy struck Orlando in the form of an attack on Pulse Nightclub, a local gathering space for members of the LGBT community. That night, 49 lives were lost just blocks away from Kimco’s Sodo Shopping Center, forever changing the community around us.… Read More

The rainbow roundabout at Kimco’s Sodo shopping center in Orlando, Florida became a highlight of the property. A colorful piece of civic art that drew visitors as a tribute to the recent tragedy our community has endured. The shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12 has forever changed Orlando.… Read More

Coffee means big business, with about 87 percent of Americans drinking some form of coffee on an everyday basis. The average coffee drinker enjoys 2.1 cups per day, equating to nearly 400 million cups consumed in the U.S. daily.

Players of all sizes have their hands in the $30 billion pot, however, Zagat’s 2015 Coffee Survey revealed that while 26 percent of people grab a cup o’ joe from large national chains like Starbucks, 22 percent get their fix from smaller brands or independent coffee houses.… Read More

You might have heard over the weekend that President Barack Obama made a surprise campaign stop at the Gators Dockside bar in Orlando. But you might not have known that Gators Dockside is one of Kimco’s tenants in our Grand Oaks Village shopping center.… Read More

On Thursday, April 27, the nationally recognized Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, our SoDo Shopping Center in Orlando, Florida had some special visitors. We were joined by four children, ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old.… Read More

Still trying to catch ‘em all? The Pokémon craze has yet to die down, and the stories of people trying to catch the creatures continue to get crazier and crazier. If you’re not capitalizing on this opportunity yet, you’re missing out!… Read More

Retailers across the country might be wondering why foot traffic suddenly spiked over the last week. If your store is filling up with new, adventurous customers glued to their phone screens, you may be the site of a Pokémon gym!

The latest mobile craze, “Pokémon Go,” launched over the last week and has taken the country by storm.… Read More

NOBODY’S CHILI HERE: Cook-off attendees fought the cool autumn temperature by enjoying 13 varieties of homemade chili

NOBODY’S CHILI HERE: Cook-off attendees fought the cool autumn temperature by enjoying 13 varieties of homemade chili

Jacksonville, Fla., was hotter than usual on Nov. 17 — and it had nothing to do with the weather. That was the day the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce held its 16th Annual Mandarin Chili Cook-Off at Kimco’s Riverplace Shopping Center.… Read More