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Kimco and Second Chance Toys partner for Earth Day

Posted by: Madeline Cohen Madeline Cohen
on April 24, 2017

This year, Earth Day brought Kimco the chance to give back — not only to the environment, but to children in need.

Every year, perfectly usable but unwanted plastic toys are forgotten or thrown into landfills, where they take up space and don’t biodegrade. While they are in good working condition and show little sign of wear, they get tossed out, almost always in ways that do harm to the planet.

To help lessen this practice by donating these items to underprivileged children, Kimco partnered with Second Chance Toys, a non-profit which helps to save plastic toys from landfills and give them a better purpose, providing a mutually beneficial waste-need solution. Our toys went to Manhasset Head Start, another non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all at-risk children have access to a model of support that will help the child, their family, and the community as a whole.

Studies have shown that toys inspire play, which is critical to healthy development in children. Yet many go without these childhood staples, with 12.5 million children in the United States under the age of six living in low-income families, and almost a quarter of those living in poverty. Since 2006, Second Chance Toys has helped save over 200,000 plastic toys from filling landfills, instead finding them new homes with children who will benefit from them.

From April 12 to April 18, Kimco collected, cleaned, and added another 80 toys to that total — a great way to celebrate Earth Day, protect the environment, and help out those in need.

Thanks to all who participated in this good cause!


Many thanks to Madeline Cohen for spearheading the Kimco gently used plastic toy collection. We are so grateful for her efforts and for all the Kimco volunteers and donors that participated. Thank you Kimco for recognizing the value of our mission: that of keeping plastic toys out of landfills by putting them into the hands of children in need. You made it a very Happy Earth Day indeed!!

Bronna Lipton

April 24, 2017

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