In the words of Seth Sigman, a retail analyst at Credit Suisse, this is the most omni-channel holiday yet, with holiday shopping becoming increasingly mobile. For Walmart, this trend rings very true, with nearly half of their orders since Thanksgiving having been placed on a mobile device — double what the retailer’s mobile purchases were last year.… Read More

The New Year will usher in new trends poised to change the retail industry and its direction. While many current themes in the retail real estate world will carry over, here are the top five new trends sure to mark the industry in 2016:

  1. Value as a focal point for retail.
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Earlier this year, we called for submissions for our third annual REIToon Caption Contest, which asks real estate and retail professionals to caption two cartoons drawn by Mark O’Collin.

This year readers did not disappoint, and we had our highest number of entries yet.… Read More

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Happy holidays!

Posted by: Jen Maisch Jen Maisch
on December 22, 2015


Feel free to share or republish this REIToon and any others posted on the Kimco REIToons page. If you do so, please include this Creative Commons license:

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The smell of hot chocolate, the warmth of winter boots, and the sounds of Christmas music mean that the holidays are here. It’s a season for spending time with family and friends, and giving a token of affection wrapped up in a box to our loved ones.… Read More

The holiday season is about giving, and that’s exactly the theme of Raleigh-based animal rescue Second Chance Pet Adoptions’ upcoming charity event. The nonprofit is hosting its annual giftwrapping pop-up store from December 18 through Christmas Eve at Crossroads Plaza in Cary, North Carolina.… Read More

It can sometimes be difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to remain competitive against their big box counterparts, as they don’t have the funds or the staff to devote exclusively to operational problems. Loss prevention is a perfect example. Any cuts into profits are felt more intensely by small businesses, and it can prevent business growth and increases to the bottom line.… Read More