Water is a timely topic. Supplies of freshwater resources across the U.S. vary, but demand for them is constant and increasing across the nation. The western U.S., in particular, is experiencing extreme long-term drought conditions as depicted by the U.S. Drought Portal.… Read More

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Happy Laborfalloween

Posted by: Jen Maisch Jen Maisch
on September 4, 2015


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Our third annual REIToon caption contest series is back by popular demand. Each year, we receive more and more witty captions from our peers, constituents, and retailers bringing humor to the retail industry. We expect that this year won’t be an exception.… Read More

Each year Kimco discloses information related to its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance through a range of vehicles, including our annual Corporate Responsibility Report and a variety of investor-driven questionnaires. A number of these disclosures are scored by third-party organizations and provide one benchmark for the company’s ESG performance.… Read More

Bluetooth-enabled Beacons are becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by marketing firm inMarket, 20 percent of millennial-aged women have used a beacon-enabled app in the past month, and that figure jumps to 38 percent for millennial-aged moms. This number will only continue to grow.… Read More