We’ve come a long way since the Great Recession, with the capital markets showing strong vital signs so far in 2015. And Kimco is taking full advantage. The ample liquidity and mortgage financing available is giving individual owners, buyers, and regional players increased access to capital, enabling us to execute strategic sales of assets at an accelerated pace.… Read More

On our blog, we aim to feature new technologies and tools that retailers can adapt for their own operations to help increase foot traffic and improve profitability. Next up, we spoke with Tom Klein, CEO of Digital Scientists, to get the background on Rately.… Read More

You may have heard the word “webrooming” buzzing through the retail industry lately. But if you still don’t know what it means, you aren’t alone. Unlike showrooming, where consumers shopping in a store look online for more info — or more competitive prices — on a product, recent studies suggest that the newest trend among shoppers is to gather web intelligence before heading to the nearest shop to make their purchase.… Read More

Whether you’re running a shop, or a shopping center, finding the time to stay up to date on the latest technological advances is often a pipe dream; a nice-to-have, but a hard-to-have as you work to keep normal operations running at maximum potential.… Read More

Earlier this year, Google made an announcement that the company was developing a new extension for AdWords that shows how Google ads can drive shoppers to brick-and-mortar locations. The new feature, called Store Visits, will now be part of Google’s Estimated Total Conversions (ETC) service.… Read More

You’ve likely heard the letters EMV by now. Standing for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa — the three companies that pioneered this smart chip credit card system — EMV is a more secure way to use payment terminals that are already in place in much of the world.… Read More

At Kimco we are fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with organizations across the country, donating time and resources in support of meaningful causes. Giving back to the communities in which we operate is something that fulfills many of us personally, and is of such value to Kimco that we make it a top priority in our corporate responsibility efforts.… Read More

Nearly 127 million Americans will be reveling St. Patrick’s Day in 2015, and with the average celebrator expected to spend $36.52 on holiday garb this year, that leaves a $4.6 billion pot of gold for retailers at the end of this rainbow.… Read More