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Darden GreenPod: Talking sustainability at the University of Virginia

Posted by: Will Teichman Will Teichman
on January 23, 2015

Colleges and universities across the country play a vital role in educating tomorrow’s leaders about how we can protect our environment and enhance communities through sustainable business practices, and emerging career opportunities within this growing field.

I recently visited the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business to share more about Kimco’s corporate responsibility efforts with first-year MBA students. During the visit, I sat down with Erika Herz from Darden’s Batten Institute for a podcast interview.

Erika and I spoke as part of her long-running Darden GreenPod series which brings together voices from business, government, and NGOs on sustainability and social initiatives. We chatted for 20 minutes about sustainability within the commercial real estate industry and how Kimco’s program has evolved over the past several years. I also shared about the recent release of the company’s GRI report, and the value this type of transparency and external communication brings to organizations.

To listen to the full podcast, and to hear other interviews on emerging sustainability insights, check out the Darden GreenPod series.

Thanks again to Erika for the invitation, and to the Darden School of Business for helping bring this important topic to the forefront of education today.


Environmental awareness has been truly increasing over the past decade, with environmental science majors proving to be increasingly common at universities. I hope that this type of awareness and initiative in environmentally conscious developing continues.

January 29, 2015

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