Conserving energy and reducing operating expenses through property retrofits have been issues of growing importance to Kimco over the past several years. Through our award-winning Gateway Building Controls Program we have installed state-of-the-art systems at the majority of our Tier 1 properties that allow for advanced control and monitoring of exterior lighting by property managers.… Read More

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For diners who have allergies, eat vegan, or are looking for healthy, organic options when they eat out, it could be a challenge to find a delicious restaurant that will easily accommodate dietary restrictions. With a 2011 survey citing that 33 percent of Americans were eating vegetarian or vegan meals more frequently when dining out, small business owners are finding ways to capitalize on this trend.… Read More

Approximately 8 million pets are put up for adoption each year — the equivalent of the entire population of New York City —  which is why local animal shelters need all the help they can get to connect pets with forever homes.… Read More



Even the sun seems to be in the Halloween spirit this year as the clocks tick down to All Hallows Eve. And retailers started handing out their treats early as we neared the first big celebration of the holiday season.… Read More

When it comes to retail real estate, it’s not simply location, location, location. Studying local market dynamics and regional customer demands provides invaluable insight into a shopping center’s ideal composition. Key demographics like median age, ethnicity, and average household income can provide a strong baseline for identifying the proper tenant mix for a shopping center.… Read More

Later this week, thousands of professionals will converge on New Orleans for the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. Greenbuild is the largest annual gathering of building owners, designers, managers, vendors, and other interested stakeholders that focuses exclusively on sustainability.

This year, I’ll be sharing more about Kimco’s efforts in this area in a panel discussion focused on the topic of green leasing.… Read More

MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder

MEET THE EXPERT: Tabitha Naylor, marketing pro and founder of

Entrepreneurs bring approximately 543,000 new business ideas to fruition every month, transforming and evolving the consumer landscape with everything from specialty grocery stores to jewelry shops. But with the average cost of starting a new business burning a $30,000 hole in most owners’ pockets, cutting costs without cutting corners can be a major challenge for both experienced retailers and industry newcomers.… Read More