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Child Safety Day: Kimco center kicks summer off on the right foot

Posted by: Carmen Decker Carmen Decker
on June 9, 2014

Swimsuits and beach toys might have been on everyone’s shopping list last month, but at the Marketplace at Factoria shopping center in Bellevue, Washington, safety was the ticket to attracting large crowds.

More than 800 people gathered for the center’s fourth annual Child Safety Day – an event filled with tips, tools, and activities to help children and families enjoy a healthy, happy summer. Participants this year included the Bellevue Police Department, Savvy Parents Safe Kids, Radio Disney, Claire’s, Kids Quest Children’s Museum, Old Country Buffet, and a dozen public service agencies.

CHILD SAFETY DAY: Bellevue residents geared up for the annual Child Safety Day at the Marketplace at Factoria

Also among the notable attendees were the Mercer Island Police Department Marine Team, Redmond Police, and the Bellevue Fire Department. They didn’t come empty handed, either. From fire trucks and aid cars, to speed boats and SWAT armored vehicles, these organizations created a spectacle throughout the center that kids and parents alike could admire.

SAFETY MATERIALS: Informational packets on safety and wellness were handed out to parents and children throughout the event

During the event our partners handed out a host of materials and tools geared toward helping educate and prepare our shoppers for child and public safety issues that can arise in any community. We also provided free and low-cost bicycle helmets to children, with 50 young bikers getting personalized helmet fittings from individual Bellevue Police Department officers. Educational events such as these serve a great purpose for the public, and here at the Marketplace at Factoria we’re no stranger to organizing them, with approximately 20 community events taking place at our shopping center every year. At Kimco nationwide, community is an integral part of our culture, and we strive to support the communities in which we operate through a host of corporate responsibility initiatives.

But it’s important to remember that entertainment is a key ingredient for any social gathering. The promise of music, food, or activities, especially when children are involved, will not only help draw bigger crowds, but will captivate them for a longer period of time.

Throughout the afternoon we had a variety of musical entertainment and activities that created energy and excitement at the center. Many of our retailers also handed out coupons and advertised one-day deals for visitors and shoppers, encouraging them to stick around and peruse the great summer offerings tenants had on display. At the end of the day, it wasn’t just safety tips, but shopping bags that consumers brought home.

Check out photos from the event below.

LOCAL SWAT TEAM: The Bellevue Police Department displayed a SWAT armored vehicle for kids to explore.

THE PERFECT PARKING SPOTS: Officer Rob Wood of the Bellevue Fire Department (BPD) stands aside a BPD squad car parked inside the shopping center. In the background, children get an up-close look at a Redmond Police Department squad car and a BPD aid vehicle.

BOATS ON A SUMMER DAY: The Mercer Island Police Department Marine Team towed a speed boat on site to remind families that safety is important both on land and on sea.

FIRING UP THE TRUCK: The Bellevue Fire Department drove a classic fire truck to the center to give kids a chance to interact with the iconic safety vehicle.


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