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How a body builder built his small business

Posted by: Christina Snyder Christina Snyder
on January 27, 2014

2013 was an important year for health and fitness retailers. Consumers remained highly focused on taking control of their health as reflected in a USA Today study that found that our national obesity epidemic has finally begun to level off. We’ve seen significant growth of health-oriented retailers in our portfolio, including gyms, fitness centers, healthy restaurants, and organic food markets.

Another subcategory where we’re seeing strength is in the personal training market. For instance, one of Kimco’s small business owners, Josh Wade, hasn’t seen a lull in his client pipeline since he opened Team Wade Fitness over a year ago in Kimco’s Country Gables shopping center in Granite Bay, Calif. His personal training studio has a 96 percent client retention rate. A lot of that has to do with the way Josh has configured his space, which is a combination training center and supplement store.

Products are stocked at the front of the store for easy access to supplements, vitamins, and other gear that clients need on their fitness journey. The training area is in the back, which maintains customers’ privacy and comfort level.

We talked to Josh right before the holidays about what his first year in business has been like and how he has sustained excellent client service, relations, and demand. Take a listen to the podcast below or read the transcript.

  • 0:49 An overview of Team Wade Fitness
  • 1:37 How Josh launched Team Wade Fitness
  • 2:10 Why Josh chose to open Team Wade Fitness in Kimco’s Country Gables shopping center
  • 3:22 How Josh has configured his space
  • 4:24 Josh’s insights on the growth of health-focused retailers
  • 6:21 Why there’s room for growth despite a competitive health market
  • 8:21 The biggest challenges Josh has faced in starting his small business
  • 9:54 How Josh is overcoming time management challenges as a small business owner
  • 10:51 Josh’s expectations for consumer demand for personal training in 2014

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