There’s one thing that comes back to life every Halloween — and I don’t mean zombies, ghosts, or goblins. I’m talking about the Halloween pop-up store. This year, temporary Halloween shops should perform well, with consumers expected to spend $8 billion on the holiday, according to the NRF’s 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey conducted by BIGinsight.… Read More

One of the biggest challenges for retail real estate owners is measuring the sustainability performance of existing properties. Although some standards and tools exist that address portions of the shopping center environment (e.g. EnergyStar for Retail tenants), as an industry we lack a holistic tool designed to meet our unique needs.… Read More

A runner for more than a decade, more out of convenience than a love of the sport, I had covered many hundreds of miles of pavement and motorized rubber on my treadmill like the world’s biggest hamster on a wheel. One Saturday this past winter I decided that I wanted a change from the monotony, and I had a destination in mind.… Read More

Are you an individual investor looking for information on Kimco and retail real estate? A good opportunity to learn about our company and industry will be at the upcoming webcast I’m leading on Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. EDT.… Read More

One of our business goals is to drive foot traffic to our properties. Internally we say we want to be “the REIT that drives feet.” While doing this is no easy feat, social media is increasingly playing an integral role in propelling us toward our goal.… Read More

We’ve continued to see positive movement in the real estate industry over the past quarter. Kimco has been cited in many national, regional, and local media outlets for our take on these trends and how we’re capitalizing on them. Here’s a roundup of some of the most notable news we’ve been a part of and have made in Q3.… Read More

As with most retail landlords, one of the biggest sources of energy consumption in our portfolio is exterior lighting at our shopping centers. That’s why we have prioritized our efforts to improve our properties’ lighting efficiency as part of Kimco’s overall sustainability program.… Read More