Institutional investors globally have become increasingly interested in how their portfolio companies are practicing sustainability. Our investors and joint venture partners are no different.

Over the past several years, we’ve observed an increasing trend of requests for information on Kimco’s sustainability practices — including impacts such as energy consumption at our shopping centers and how our operational decisions are influencing our environmental and economic performance.… Read More

Partnering on an event can be a great way to promote your business and drive foot traffic to your location. Each organization involved can gain the benefit of one another’s branding and marketing. And when you do something fun, your audience is often more receptive to learning about and trying your products and services.… Read More

Kimco’s business initiatives, projects, and people have caught the attention of several industry, local, and national media outlets. We’ve been posting quarterly round-ups of our press coverage on our blog, so with the second quarter at a close, I wanted to highlight some articles that featured Kimco over the past three months.… Read More

Losing weight is always a challenge. Changing your eating habits is never easy. That said, it can be easier when you have coworkers to lean on for support and motivation. That’s been the case for 29 Kimco employees, including me. We’ve lost a total of 305 pounds through a special employee health and wellness program with Weight Watchers.… Read More