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How Kimco’s FastTrack Franchise program accelerates the franchising process

Posted by: Brett Cooper Brett Cooper
on June 8, 2012

Earlier this year we announced Kimco’s FastTrack Franchise program. If you missed the announcement, the program is a new initiative that connects entrepreneurs and franchisees with pre-approved vacancies at our shopping centers where franchisors want to be located.

Our objective is to help franchisees easily find the right space to open their business, while helping franchisors find operators to run locations in markets they want to be in.

We’ve been getting a lot of response and feedback on our FastTrack Franchise program, and I thought it would be helpful to create a short video that explains the nuts and bolts of the program. Tune in below if you’re interested in learning more about FastTrack Franchise and how it can help your business. I hope it answers your questions. But if you have more, feel free to leave us a comment!


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