For the second post in our RECon preview series, we spoke with Michael Ruckman, President and CEO of Senteo Incorporated, an international company that works with clients to create memorable customer experiences. The company has four offices in Las Vegas, Moscow, Madrid, and London.… Read More

The first quarter of 2015 was a strong start to the new year, with some exciting developments making the news. Here are some of our biggest new stories from the past quarter.

Barclays’ analysts chose Kimco as a top retail REIT pick for investors, mainly due to our shopping center exposure and the success of our disposition program.… Read More

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Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo (SPREE), the world’s largest show for the cart, kiosk, and temporary retail industry, is coming to RECon next week. As we gear up for the show, we thought we’d check in with two experts — Patricia Norins, Vice President of Specialty Programs at ICSC, and Deborah Kravitz, President of PRI — to get a better sense of what trends they are seeing in temporary retail.… Read More

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. So what can emerging restaurants do to standout — especially if they want to expand into new markets?

We spoke with Steve Silverstein, CEO & Founder, and Dennis Maher, Vice President of Real Estate, of Not Your Average Joe’s (NYAJ), to find out what makes NYAJ so unique and how the New England-based restaurant chain found its way into Kimco’s Suburban Square in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.… Read More

RECon 2015 kicked off this weekend in Las Vegas and already we’re hearing buzz about the new ideas, concepts, and discussions taking place throughout the conference – including a touchdown of a keynote speech from Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning, which we had just a little too much fun with in our latest REIToon below.… Read More

This Mother’s Day, we would like to take the time to recognize some of our tenants that happen to be both small business owners and mothers. We spoke with five businesswomen throughout the country to get their tips and advice on juggling motherhood and a business.… Read More

It seems we were right.

The last time we discussed the Marketplace Fairness Act the bill was gaining momentum. The U.S. Senate had just passed the bill in a 69-27 vote, and brick-and-mortar retailers and supporters nationwide rejoiced.

But we projected there was still a long road ahead to passing this critical piece of legislation into law.… Read More