At Kimco, many of us are passionate about the charitable causes we support. In fact, our Community Connection program provides employees with the opportunity to take off two fully paid workdays each year to get out and volunteer for causes collectively chosen by their Kimco office, or for local non-profit organizations of their choosing.… Read More

Kimco’s Q3 was another step forward in our 2020 Vision. This quarter we demonstrated our belief in the opportunity represented by quality open-air shopping centers in key metro areas and with strong demographics, where our redevelopment pipeline remains a source of strength and future value.… Read More

Our fourth annual REIToon Caption Contest just wrapped, which tasks real estate and retail professionals to caption two cartoons drawn by Mark O’Collin.

Our inbox was flooded with hilarious and witty entries. But two executives’ humor shone the brightest, and congratulations are in order for Morten Kucey at SB Capital Group for the moon store cartoon and Jan Hanak at Regency Centers for the #brokerproblems cartoon.… Read More

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Good news: Social sells

Posted by: Jen Maisch Jen Maisch
on November 9, 2016

Over the past few years consumers have been taking a much more conscientious approach to purchasing products that are environmentally friendly and better for their well-being. And it seems that we’re applying the same thought process when it comes to buying for our furry friends.… Read More

Military service means a lot of different things. It means dedication, strength, and pride in your mission. It can be challenging but it can also help build a strong foundation for future success.

My military service began out of high school when I joined the United States Air Force.… Read More